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Our Turbo Charger XR reduces the Charging time for your Onewheel +XR to ONE HOUR. With a weight of only 1.2kg, and just minimal bigger form factor as the stock Onewheel XR Homecharger. Its sleek anodized Aluminium Housing and the suitable fan keeps this charger cool in every condition.


Estimated Charging Time [h:min]
+XR                           1:00
CBXR Battery           1:35

CBSP Battery           0:40
+XR + 6.Ah VNR      1:45


Plug-in Directions:
Step1: Plug the Super Charger +XR into your Onewheel
Step2: Plug the Super Charger + XR into the Wall Outlet


Using any faster charger on your Onewheel will degrade your battery quicker. Best practice is to only fast-charge when you really need it.