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With a weight of only 1kg, the Super Charger still maintains the same form factor as Onewheel Homechargers. The sleek anodized Aluminium Housing and the suitable fan keeps this charger cool in every condition.


Choose DC-Output

16S = 67,2V (Charging Current = 6A)
17S = 71,4V (Charging Current = 6A)
18S = 75,6V (Charging Current = 6A)
19S = 79,8V (Charging Current = 5.5A)
20S = 84,0V (Charging Current = 5.5A)

Choose Connector Options:
none *
3-pin XLR  (XR Pinout)
4-pin XLR (Pinout see below)
2-pin GX16 (Pin 1 = positive , Pin 2 = negative)


Plug-in Directions:
Step1: Plug the Super Charger into your Onewheel
Step2: Plug the Super Charger into the Wall Outlet


Pin-Out 4-Pin XLR Connector:
15S - P2 = neg, P3 = pos
16S - P1 = neg , P4 = pos
17S - P1 = neg , P3 = pos
18S - P1 = neg , P2 = pos
19S - P2 = neg , P4 = pos
20S - P3 = neg, P4 = pos


Using any faster charger on your Onewheel will degrade your battery quicker. Best practice is to only fast-charge when you really need it.


(*Chargers without Connector are excluded from any Warranty)

Super Charger | 5.5A - 6A

PriceFrom €120.00
VAT Included
    • Brand                  4820 Obligatory
    • Input                   AC 200-240V , 5A
    • Output                Depending on Version
    • Housing Size      173x90x51mm
    • Weight                1.0kg (incl. Cables)

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