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Our Slow Juice Injector is a Charger Plug Adapter which enables to Charge your Onewheel +XR with Pint Chargers. The Stock Pint Charger only got 1.3A Charging Current, therefore it will extend Charging time.


Estimated Charging Time with Pint/PintX Charger [h:min]
Stock +XR           4:45
XXR Battery        6:15
CBXR Battery     7:45

CBSP Battery     3:10

Why would you want to do this?
- You like to preserve your Battery as good as possible.
- You are going on Vacation and want to save Space and Weight in your Luggage*.
- You ride a Pint and want to be prepared to help a +XR fellow rider with your Pint Chargers.
- You Like to Charge your Onewheel +XR in the Car, powered by DC-AC converter

(*)Weighting only 400g the Pint Charger is about 50% lighter 60% smaller than +XR Charger

Disclaimer: the XR-Connector will be randomly either black or silver 

ATTENTION: if you aim to use the +XR Charger to charge your Pint, please go for our Fast Jiuce Injector

Slow Juice Injector

SKU: 0025
VAT Included
    • Brand                 4820 Obligatory
    • Max. Current     5A
    • Max. Voltage    100VDC (63V for +XR)
    • Length              15cm
    • Weight              45g

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