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Highest Quality 4-pin XLR Connector and Charge Port on the market.

We recommend VESC- or DIY-Onewheels to be built with this 4-Pin XLR Connectors instead of the traditional 3-Pin Version. With using only 2 pins of this 4Pin system you are able to avoid damage by plugging in the wrong Charger. Check out the six recommended Pin-out options below.

The 4-Pin XLR Port got the same outer Dimensions as the 3-pin Version, therefore can be used with any 3rd party Controllerbox on the Market.


  • "Female Plug..." for Charger Connector
  • "Male Port..." for the Charging Port at the Controller
  • or "Female Plug and Male Port" for both


Recommended Pin-Out:

15S - P2 = neg, P3 = pos (or go with 3-Pin XLR)
16S - P1 = neg , P4 = pos
17S - P1 = neg , P3 = pos
18S - P1 = neg , P2 = pos
19S - P2 = neg , P4 = pos
20S - P3 = neg, P4 = pos



PriceFrom €9.00
VAT Included
    • Manufacturer              Neutrik
    • Weight                        25g / 34g

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