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Listen to your Bearings, feel it: Feels slurry? Sounds scratchy? Clicking at turns?
Your Bearings might already be damaged!
Stock Bearings on your Onewheel are very cheap quality China-Made bearings - most of the time they don't even last 1000km. Damaged Bearings do not only cost a lot of efficiency and feel bad, but they also might cause damage to your axle; a damage that can't be repaired!


So hurry up and get yourself our FAG Bearing Kit !
This Kit contains all spare-parts you need to replace your Bearings:
> Highest Quality, FAG-RSR Bearings
> Custom made Bearing seat O-rings

> Bearing Shield O-Ring

> Bearing Mounting Juice for easy fitting

How to Choose between our SKF and FAG Bearings?
SKF-2RZ >> Non-Touching Seal = lowest Level of Friction
FAG-2RSR >> Touching Seal = standard Level of Friction
Unless you plan to ride in Sand and Saltwater (e.g. on the beach) we would totally recommend choosing SKF-2RZ!


You need an extra Bearing Seat Seal O-Ring?
       >> Select Add Bearing Seat O-Ring
You need  fresh, black Stainless Motor Shield Bolts?
       >> Select Add A Set of Bearing Shield Bolts
You own a Harbor-Press and look for the right Bearing Press Die?
        >> Go for our Bearing Boy
You'd like to get your bearing changed?
        >> We offer Bearing Changes at our Service-Area

FAG Bearing Kit

SKU: 0018
PriceFrom €89.00
VAT Included
    • Brand       FAG
    • Type         61907-2RSR
    • Seal          Touching NBR Seal both sides
    • Weight     100g

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