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You'd like to replace your Onewheel Bearings yourself and those of your friends as well? Maybe it's time to get a 3T Harbor Press for that job!
BUT WAIT:  you'll need a decent Bearing Die as well, in order not to kill your fresh bearings! 

Our Bearing Boy is your perfect press tool companion here:
 >> CNC turned 7075 T6 Aluminium
 >> Bearing will be only pushed at the outer ring
 >> centers and retains the bearing
 >> doubles as press-out tool for the old bearings
 >> works with every 61907 Bearing
 >> suitable for Onewheel Plus, +XR, Pint, PintX and GT

Check out our Set-Discount on Bearing boy plus Bearing Kits!

Bearing Boy

SKU: 0020
PriceFrom €110.00
VAT Included
    • Brand           4820 Obligatory
    • Material       Aluminium EN AW-7075 T6
    • Weight        170g

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