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You aim to protect your Rim, but our stock Colour Selection of RimShieldz isn't cutting it? No Problem; we produce them to your Likings in a Bicolour or Tricolour Fashion, with optional custom Logo Colour or even custom Logo Text.


This XR version fits Onewheel Plus, XR and Pint only without Maghandle!
- For using Maghandle go to Pint Version
- For Onewheel GT go to GT Version

Important note: there have been issues reported with RimShieldz becoming loose on Superflux Motors. Please don't use RimShieldz on Superflux Motors until further notice!

Pitaya Pink is currently only available for:
- Bicolour "Colour 2" , Logo
- Tritcolour "Colour 1" , "Colour 3", Logo

    How to create your individual RimShieldz:
    1. Check and understand the illustrations above
    2. Select your desired amount of colours at "Colour Fashion"
    3. Select your branding option at "Logo"
    4. Note your choice of colours at "Colours" text field, depending on you chosen Colour Fashion.
       1st example choose Unicolour and note "Smurf / - / - / Snow" for Smurf Blue with white Logo
       2nd example choose Bicolour and note "Snow / Neon Fire / - / Midnight" for White/Neon
    5. Write your branding text at "Logo text" text field (only valid with Logo Option "Fully Custom")
    6. We offer single Rings as well at Option "Couple or Single"

    [Please contact us in case you need help with this individualizing or if you have any additional Questions or Wishes]

    Keep in Mind that we produce your customiced  Rim Shieldz on demand. Thus lead time will be about one week from recieving your Order to Shipping.


    - This is an Individual Product, thus no Withdrawal possible
    -  Bright Logo Colours on Dark Base Colour 
    might look faded and less vibrant
    - Consider ordering an TPU Colour Sample (10€+Shipping)
    - Contact us for Discount (40€) for a already before ordered text
    - Obnoxious or treadmarked brandings might be refused
    - Does NOT fit with Maghandle attached to your Onewheel

    RimShieldz XR Custom

    PriceFrom €22.50
    VAT Included
      • Maximum Protection
      • Solid 3D printed TPU (100% infill)
      • 18 Colours available
      • Almost endless Colour Combinations
      • 140g/set

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