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The BKB Voyager Remote is the O.G. Remote to be used for Remote Tilt developed by Nico Aleman. Remote Tilt gives you the Ability to remotely change the angle of your VESC Onewheel in order to increase approaching angle which is needed to climb and desent Hills and Ramps as steep as 40-45°. (without remote only about 20° is possible)

You can find a Setup-Guide here (go join!)
Please consider following Nico as a small Appreciation on his Instagram

Additional Info from BKB:
The Voyager was designed with one thing in mind; create the most comfortable electric skateboard remote ever made. Then, we added a suite of modern features to revolutionize how you interact and control your board.

Attention - Use Remote Tilt on your own Risk! The Use of Remote Tilt with your DIY Board might cause damage and hurt you or anyone around you. 4820 Obligatory is not taking any Responsibility here!

BKB Voyager Remote

VAT Included
    • Brand Build Kit Boards, Inc.
    • Type 2.4Ghz Remote
    • Weight 90g

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